Human Powered Boats

Future on the Water?

HPB Championships in Europe



What is it?

Not the pedal boats you rent on Sunday afternoon, no, very special construtions take part in these Championships. The swimming bath tube or the high-tech-racing boat - you will see everything here.

High technology for the world record.



Who can participate?

Every team or person who has a boat which is propelled only by human power (muscle power) and most of that by the legs (exceptions: handicapped persons) may start. Families, youth groups, sportsmen, students - it is fun for everybody. And not only for the participants: Usually there are more spectators than for rowing or canoe regattas.





When does it happen?


Every year, if possible on the first weekend in August, championships take place. One year we have world championships in Europe, the other year european championships.



What are they heading for?



The teams compete in six disciplines:

ˇ         several design and special prices





The championships take place in different cities in Europe.


It depends on:

ˇ         public interest




What can you see there?



Hydrofoils "Af Chapman II" (S) and "Haarlem Shuffle" (NL) 



"Hydrodynamosaurus Austriacus" (A), Bollard Pull 



"L´Ordegno" (I), "Fast Waterbike" (NL), Long distance race



Who is interested in that?


TV, radio






and many, many spectators...



I want to take part!


But how?


As a sponsor?

Because you have a product which includes innovative technology - or is simply fun!


As host (City/club for any kind of water sports)?

Because you have a nice place at the water and want to become better known - or only because you like it?



As participant!


In each case this is the right address:

HPV Deutschland e.V.
Andreas Schlief
Osterstr. 9
D-20259 Hamburg
phone: +49-40-27 87 72-13
fax: +49-40-27 87 72-15

For actual regatta dates look up the actual event calendar under and there also the separate invitations.

Photos by Renata Kinz (1-3, 5-13), Olaf Schultz (20-21) and Ferdinand Graf von Westphalen (19)