European Human Powered Boats Championships
Regensburg 17.-19.06.2016

Update 2016-06-15:

actualized timetable from 15.06.16

journey description and parking

Update 2016-05-20:
We are happy to have registrations of some very nice student teams, but only three private participants registrated yet. If you are willing to come but you are not quiet sure, please contact us, too, that we can calculate the number of meals and of boats for the races!
The address of the rowing club and a timetable which will be actualized when we know the number of boats can be fond in this document:


Uli + Andreas

P.S. Here you can see a map of the terrain and some pictures:

Map of Ruderverein terrain





Dear Waterbikers, Dear Friends of Fun,

a great event is organized for this summer in Regensburg, Bavaria for us!

Old HPB Enthusiast Uli Kraus, experienced in hundreds of HPB races, building several HPBs, organizing many IWRs
and burning lots of water this year proudly presents his home city from its best side: from the water.

He overcame all imaginable difficulties and now organizes for us this year´s regatta!

We will get the chance to compete on a part of river Donau where current is minimal and meet after so many
years again close to the water at the rowing club "RuderVEREIN im Stadtwesten" where we can build up our tents.

Thanks to Uli, the HPV Deutschland e.V., its President Heike Bunte, the Hamburg Waterbike Team of Technische
Universität Hamburg-Harburg and the Heylige Frawe Latte ad Hammaburg we can announce official European
HPB Championships! The winner won´t take it all - most of all we want to have fun!

So don´t hesitate to register formless at Uli´s e-mail-address ulrich.kraus (ett) dnvgl. com.

Further information you will find here or you will get it by e-mail from Uli after having contacted him.

I will immediately start preparing (repairing) my boat now, hoping to finish it in the night before the regatta...

Keep on waterbiking!

Official 2016 Invitation EC HPB InfoBull

Last 2013 World Championships site of HPV Deutschland e.V.

Rules for European HPB Championships, may be actualized in details before next regatta

Hamburg, 16.02.2016 Andreas Schlief (as a helping hand for Uli and team)