Small 12. European Human Powered Boats Championships
Hamburg 2008

Avoid Hamburg City, there is the biggest cycling event of the year and many streets closed! Listen to Radio NDR2 (87,6 MHz) to find out if the streets you plan to take are free.

If you come from East:
Avoid "Autobahndreieck Hamburg-Südost, there is always traffic jam, better

try to get off Exit "Stapelfeld" (A1), then drive via Farmsen and Wellingsbüttel:

If you come from North, West or South follow this way:

(even if your navi tells you something different)

A7 direction "Hamburg-West / Flensburg / Kiel / Airport" through Elbtunnel

A7 Exit "Schnelsen-Nord / Airport" (NOT "Schnelsen / Niendorf", one later!):

Follow big street directly to airport, pass by the terminals (NOT Exit "Terminals"!):

Near airport bulildings take Exit "Centrum", take the right track and stay on this track, it will later be the second left of five:

Cross the big crossing nearly straight on (a bit more left) into a very small street Röntgenstraße (left of the big Philips medical systems building)

At the end of Röntgenstraße left, immediately right, you pass by the jail, cross Maienweg / Marien church, and between the church and the bridge you find "Backstube Fuhlsbüttel" and us.