World Human Powered Boats Championships
Rostock 17.-19. August 2007

Official Championships Regulations (Changes possible)

Description of the races:

100 meters sprint ("speedstrip"):

The 100 meters sprint is a race that shows the top speed of the boats. All participants will have a single flying start (if technical possible), which means that they are allowed to start several meters before the official start, in order to cover the whole distance at full speed.


In the slalom the participants show the manoevrability of their boats. The boats have a standing start, which means that they all lay still until the moment they start.

Long distance race (multi-person-boats: 4 hours, one-person-boats: 1 hour, may be changed if necessary):

This race measures the efficiency of the boats. All boats will start together from a starting line. The boats have to race four hours/one hour. After four hours/one hour all boats will finish their actual lap. The ranking is defined by the distance (no. of rounds) covered. If two or more boats did the same distance the order they cross the finish line is decisive. Multi-person-boat teams may consist of three driver groups who may change. Details will be published at the captains meeting.

Burn Out:

Two boats start from one line. They accelerate for a distance of about 6 m. The faster boat gets to the next round (k.o.-system).

Over All Performance:

The results of all races are summed up. It is not a total Winner, but a rating of all-round features which are equivalent to special features.


The participants:

  1. Participation in the World Championships of Human Powered Boats is open for teams or individuals from all countries.
  2. Exclusively boats that are propelled or incited with or through human power (mostly by the legs) are allowed to participate in the championships. The use of prestored energy is not allowed.
  3. At the beginning of the regatta the participants form a jury with 5 members. Normally the championship officials decide in all aspects concerning the regatta, especially where the official championship regulations fail. In case of severe protests the officials convoke the jury who may overrule the decision of the officials after examining the situation carefully.

The races:

  1. The championships contain the following competitive elements:
    • a Long distance race
    • a Slalom
    • a 100 meters sprint (flying start)
    • a 6 m acceleration race
    • an over all performance prize
    • special prizes like design etc., decided by the championship officials
  2. There are two classes in ranking: One person boats and multiple person boats. Every individual race has a winner (World Champion 2007) in each of the classes. Only the boat is rated. The persons on the boat may be changed between the races, but not during a race (exception: 4 hours race, the conditions for this race will be published before the regatta). The results of the races will be made known as soon as possible after each race.

General regulations concerning the race:

  1. All participants must strictly follow the directions of the championship officials.
  2. All participants have to have a life vest with them on the boat. They have to wear them if ordered by the officials.
  3. The participants may not hinder each other. Participants who endanger other persons, wildlife or other people's property will be expelled.
  4. All participants must strictly follow the set course.
  5. At request of a participant, a re-start may be scheduled by the officials
    • in case of a technical defect right before or during the race
    • in case of hindrance by other participants during the race
    • in case of other, unforeseen situations

Final note:

  1. This is an event of HPV Deutschland e.V. The organisation team of the championships and the German Human Powered Vehicles Association (HPV Deutschland e.V.) disclaim any responsibility for any damage or personal injuries during the championships.